How to bend overtaking longquan automobile industry? Listen to the industry big coffee all say what

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On October 30, longquan in 2017 the second phase of the characteristic industry development and the lecture hall to promote culture and "automotive air conditioning accessories industry talents promotion training week" officially launched. Activity invited more than domestic industry's top technical experts for a week of large lectures, small BBS, centralized training, longquan 200 industry enterprise boss, middle to participate in management and technology.

Energy to emphasize "traditional car air-conditioning, compact, low cost and electric... Longquan automobile enterprise to implement corner overtaking, you must examine itself and thinking, grasp the development direction of enterprise, and to make the product." On the morning of the same day, the China association of automobile manufacturers automotive air conditioning committee secretary general qing-feng xue to talk at the meeting. The engaged in automobile air conditioning system research and development for 27 years of senior engineers, top industry experts have brought the forefront of information to longquan, more than two hours of lecture, the audience was silent, only heard the rustling sound put pen to paper.


The development of the industry of small BBS lively atmosphere in the afternoon. 14 30 points, when the guest qing-feng xue, responsible for air-conditioning standards and examination and approval of the international standard committee, faw car accessories technology minister Cheng Lihui valeo company, gathered in longquan unit of related department and auto parts industry representatives of enterprises, a total of 40, interaction with the exchange of question and answer, everyone is scrambling to throw out their problem, want to listen to their advice.

"The development trend of automobile touches, I early a few years have begun the product change, are now steady progress. Next, I should continue to increase the pace of innovation way, old or new products catch?" Zhejiang perseverance automotive air conditioning co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors Huang Zhongyi take the lead in asking questions. "As the energy saving and new energy vehicles, made the car, the development of smart cars, cars will be from transportation to large mobile intelligent terminals, energy storage unit and digital space, accordingly, automotive air conditioning also urgently need to change. However, longquan enterprises in product development and technological innovation, must remember feet to act on, steady progress in grasping innovation thinking, grasping product quality assurance to make a profit." Qing-feng xue stressed that the transformation and upgrading is to change, but also need talent, technology and other various conditions mature.


"Your problem is to pay attention to the vehicle requirements and user experience, refinement is the enterprise development to a certain degree must go." Qing-feng xue a word pointed out the informed mita group co., LTD., the current development predicament. Company general manager Chen qh, said by docking with two experts, enterprises not only solved the themselves on the air conditioning compressor products problems left over by history, also learned a lot of proactive development Suggestions.

"Association to focus on the service enterprise, close ties to the government, enterprises, the China association of automobile manufacturers, etc., timely transfer the latest information and technology, drive the industry as a whole pace." Qing-feng xue and longquan automobile industry association secretary-general Ye Biwen is to study the effect of the industry association.

In recent years, longquan to enlarge volume mass transfer efficiency as the core, the innovation drive transition as the main line, automobile spare parts (air conditioning) industry for sustainable and healthy development, was awarded the "national torch longquan automobile air conditioning industry base", the existing enterprise nearly 200, one hundred million yuan of above 21, 35 national high and new technology enterprise. 2016 rules on enterprise output value 6.88 billion yuan, accounting for 41.59% of the longquan scale industrial production, a level billions of leading industry just around the corner.